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These are my free songs. You can download the songs by clicking on the arrow, or you can open a player (HTML5 audio) by clicking on "...". You are allowed to broadcast these songs or use them in your DJ sets. You are NOT allowed to use the songs or parts of it in your own productions (contact me for remixes) or publish them under another name than JayB. All songs are copyrighted by JayB and / or their original composers. And now enjoy the music!

One and One (feat. Ménito Ramos) [Robert Miles cover]Deep HouseDownload: Download song
A cover of Robert Miles's song One and One (which itself was a cover from a Edyta Górniak song) that took longer to finish than expected due to unfortunate events in my life. This track is entirely arranged on GarageBand on iOS (except for the vocals) which was fun to due. I like working within narrow limits.6:1219 Jan '19
Tempo: 122
Key: D Minor
Downloads: 479
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Tangerine Dream - Tangram / Quichotte (JayB Remix)TranceDownload: Download song
A trance remix of a song of my childhood. I used to listen to the vinyl of Quichotte over and over as a kid. Tangerine Dream were pioneers of electronic music and this record has influenced me a lot. I tried to pack the best of both versions of this song into a 9 minute trance version.9:2619 Jan '19
Tempo: 129
Key: E Minor
Downloads: 375
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Micro Sequencing (Live Performance)Deep HouseDownload: Download song
The official audio recording of my live performance #7. Unlike my previous live performances this is neither trance nor live playing. It's the Yamaha QY70 and QY100 MIDI synced and in Pattern mode operated live with track mutings, filter automation and everything. No external sequencing or effects or sounds were used during the production. Only a mastering chain as been applied.5:012 Dec '17
Tempo: 120
Key: F Minor
Downloads: 1313
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Der Brief (feat. Sandra Wagner)DeutschpopDownload: Download song
This is a German song originally composed in 2006 for my former Band Pfefferminz, never published and long forgotten in my archives. Recently I found it again and thought: "Why couldn't I make a decent modern pop song our of it? After all, German lyrics are popular here again." Took me a few days but I guess it was worth it. At least I really like the result. Hope you do too.
Download Instrumental Version
4:2121 May '17
Tempo: 131
Key: F Major
Downloads: 1386
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Donkey Kong Land - Voices Of The Temple (JayB's Rock Remix)Rock / Progressive RockDownload: Download song
Donkey Kong... I never *really* played this game. Back in elementary school, about 3rd or 4th grade, a class mate gave me his copy of Donkey Kong for a few days and I played it and for some reason this song got stuck in my head that I could even sequence it out of my memory into my old MIDI sequencing software (yes, I was into that when I was 9 or 10). Now, about 18 years later, I thought I give this a new try. Rock style. With some progressive elements, because why not. And I LOVE how it turned out. :D4:005 Jun '16
Tempo: 138
Key: A minor
Downloads: 1993
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The Anthem (Reworked)Anthem TranceDownload: Download song
In 2007 I released a track that was originally planned as a sound demo for the Quasimidi Sirius called "The Anthem". While I couldn't successfully sign it in the first place it seemed to become an insider's tip among some trancers and eventually landed up on YouTube and also the online shops. However, back then the big labels told me that I have to work on my production.
Now, at the end of 2015 I decided to give this track a second chance and reproduced it from scratch, using only a hand full of MIDI sequences from the original. And I think the infamous melody finally got the production it deserves. And I decided to release this again as a free track.

Download a shorter version here
Listen and download the original 2007 version here
8:4022 Jan '16
Tempo: 138
Key: D Minor
Downloads: 3039
Preview and more Details
Lately (2015 Mixdown)TranceDownload: Download song
After I heard what Steven Wilson did to Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" album I started to wonder what would happen if I did that to one of my old songs.
So to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of my all-time favorites "Lately" I dug out the old project file, exported all the single tracks and did a complete new mixdown, without adding new sounds or samples, only mixing, EQing and compressing. And I'm surprised how much cleaner and more powerful it sounds now. Makes me enjoy the track in a new way.
If you wanna hear the old track, scroll down, click on "gimme all of it" and scroll down even more. It's somewhere at the end of the list.
4:1712 Nov '15
Tempo: 135
Key: F Minor
Downloads: 2162
Preview and more Details
Vylet Pony feat. LilyCloud - Fall To The Cloud (JayB Remix)Progressive TranceDownload: Download song
The urge to remix this track was inside of me since the first time I listened to Vylet's stunning original track. No need to mention I was super duper happy when I finally got ahold of the vocals. And it was sooooo fun to do this. I love the grooviness of the verses and the power (and loudness) of the main part.
Download the MP3-Player friendly version here.
7:3613 Aug '15
Tempo: 130
Key: F Minor
Downloads: 3208
Preview and more Details
Exiark feat. Ckibe - Equestria (JayB Remix)Uplifting TranceDownload: Download song
Exiark is probably the first artist who managed to create a dubstep song that made it to my MP3 player. The elements of his original version are melting so wonderfully into one unit, something I miss with most popular dubstep tracks.
The vocals however screamed for an uplifting trance remix. And that's where I'm entering the game. 138 kicks per minute are driving this track to a new Goosebumps level.
Get the radio edit here.
07:201 May '15
Tempo: 138
Key: E Major
Downloads: 3202
Preview and more Details
Rising Sun (2015 Rework)Progressive Balearic TranceDownload: Download song
A modern rework of an old track of mine. Rising Sun, a personal favorite from 2006 and the closing title of my album Suriama. I did this for my fifth live performance video. However, this here is the "studio" version, with exact quantization and programming.04:382 Feb '15
Tempo: 131
Key: c# Minor
Downloads: 3739
Preview and more Details
Kirby's Dream Land 2 - Dark Castle (JayB's Trancecore Remix)TrancecoreDownload: Download song
I've been wanting to do this for a long time. 11 years after my first rather modest tracker-based remix of the final boss theme of Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Nintendo) I created a rather professional trancecore remix of the Dark Castle music. Lots of filter automation of the 4 bass lines and cute little plucky leads at 165 BPM. All of your trancecore needs. :D03:5518 May '14
Tempo: 165
Key: D Minor
Downloads: 3622
Preview and more Details
Idina Menzel - Let It Go (JayB Remix)Uplifting TranceDownload: Download song
My remix for the famous song "Let It Go" from Disney's animated movie "Frozen", sang by Idina Menzel aka Elsa. 07:307 Mar '14
Tempo: 137
Key: F Minor
Downloads: 8003
Preview and more Details
Idina Menzel - Let It Go (JayB Remix Edit)Uplifting TranceDownload: Download song
Same as below, just a short version.05:267 Mar '14
Tempo: 137
Key: F Minor
Downloads: 4337
Preview and more Details
The Cutie Mark Crusaders - Hearts As Strong As Horses (JayB's 90s Rock Remix)RockDownload: Download song
So. I was bored. And as I said on Tumblr when I'm bored I'll make a HASAH rock remix. And this is what I did. And it became 2:44 of pure epicness. XD
Seriously, I had much fun doing this. Doing something else than trance did good on me. And it became almost as good as I wanted it to be. ;)
02:442 Jan '14
Tempo: 124
Key: F# Major
Downloads: 7017
Preview and more Details
Winds Of War (2012 Rework)Orchestral BalladDownload: Download song
This song was originally written in 2003 or 2004, but I never published it, actually for no reason. I just forgot it.
It's a very personal and sad song. A song about what's left after a battle, no matter if it's a war in a country or in your life. There's always damage done, people hurt, when the winds of war have blown the smoke away.
The original version of this song was of rather synthetic nature. It was a complete hardware production back then and I didn't have very good strings and all back then. For the rework I wanted it to sound as realistic as possible. Sure, there's still synthesizers in this track, but I paid much attention and detail to the natural instruments like strings, piano, drums and flutes. And I love the result. It's just how the original was supposed to sound.
06:1412 Dec '13
Tempo: 100
Key: E Minor
Downloads: 2817
Preview and more Details
Volatile BlueAmbient / Chill OutDownload: Download song
Sometimes it happens that I accidentally press the record button while I'm jamming around with a new plugin. In this case it's the amazing XLN Addictive Keys (Free Edition). The most amazing software grand piano I've ever played. Afterwards I arranged some more elements around it, like strings (East West Quantum Leap Free Edition), synths and taiko drums. The result amazes me. I seldom had that much atmosphere in a track.05:5211 Dec '13
Tempo: 0
Key: G# Minor
Downloads: 2943
Preview and more Details
Equestria Girls - A Friend For Life (JayB Remix)TrouseDownload: Download song
Such wow.
Very trance.
So love!
Guess what, another cartoon animation song remix. And one of the most uplifting tracks I've done so far. Not as trancy as usual, but still very hot.
There's a shorter version available here.
08:1711 Dec '13
Tempo: 130
Key: Bb Minor
Downloads: 4296
Preview and more Details
Rain (feat. Giggly Maria)Progressive Trance / Trance StepDownload: Download song
Woohoo. A double debut. My first original pony vocal track and at the same time my first brony collaboration. I chose the wonderful Giggly Maria who did a wonderful job on the vocals! Music and lyrics were written by me.
Get the shorter edit here.
08:0917 Jul '13
Tempo: 130
Key: c# Minor
Downloads: 8115
Preview and more Details
Elektronik (Original Mix)Electro TranceDownload: Download song
This site needs more electro. I was experimenting with some electro bass lines and this turned out. Shifted chords and syncopes and a recorder. I was actually pretty satisfied with it but unfortunately I couldn't get it signed.07:135 Jul '13
Tempo: 134
Key: e Minor
Downloads: 3470
Preview and more Details
Armin van Buuren feat. Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day (JayB Remix)TranceDownload: Download song
A little something... Wait, actually it's not a little. A normal sized something one of my biggest fans and supporters asked me to do. Used this as practice as well. It contains one of my more complex bass lines (5 layers + 2 effect layers) and lots of 90s digital synth stuff (mostly Korg).08:0324 Jun '13
Tempo: 134
Key: e Minor
Downloads: 3310
Preview and more Details
PhonyBrony feat. Giggly Maria - Beyond The Stars (JayB Remix)Progressive TranceDownload: Download song
So I heard this song on Mixology and I instantly was TOTALLY in love with it. The melody, as cheesy as it might be, just melted my heart and at the same time it screamed for a trance remix that would be just as uplifting as can be. And even before I asked for the vocals I had the two lead melodies recorded in Logic just to capture the spirit for that first impression.
And one and a half week later, this came out. After my rather housy explorations this is again a classic uplifting trance remix JayB style. With drone basses, guitars, lots of saws, singing synths, choirs, whatever you could ask for. And even if the vocals' rather bad recording quality was a little pain in the ass I nonetheless had so much fun producing this. Spring is actually here, eh? ^^
08:1120 Apr '13
Tempo: 132
Key: f# Minor
Downloads: 5124
Preview and more Details
2 4 6 8 (On Your Hooves)Complextro HouseDownload: Download song
So I wanted to try a new genre, this infamous complextro thing. It actually started as a house track with no destination and developed into a bouncing danceable track with wobbles and all the stuff you need. Won't do this too often I guess... 04:4931 Mar '13
Tempo: 130
Key: D Minor
Downloads: 4646
Preview and more Details
Temptation (2011 Rework)Progressive TranceDownload: Download song
Two years ago I decided to rework an old track of mine. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it - that's why I didn't sign it - but nonetheless it has become a nice track in Jerome Isma Ae style. 07:3924 Feb '13
Tempo: 134
Key: Eb Minor
Downloads: 2806
Preview and more Details
Dress For ArtTranceDownload: Download song
I heard a little too much A State Of Trance and Andy Moor. And then some My Little Pony vocals had to suffer. ATTENTION: This track contains reversed vocals containing dark demon magic.07:5714 Feb '13
Tempo: 132
Key: c Minor
Downloads: 1985
Preview and more Details
Replacer &I feat. Feather - Until The Sun (JayB Remix)Progressive TrouseDownload: Download song
A remix for a good friend and colleague Andi. Actually this is just a placeholder for the download counter. :D06:1318 Jan '13
Tempo: 128
Key: d Minor
Downloads: 5439
Preview and more Details

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